The goal of the Los Angeles Integrated Consortium with Add Us In is to expand opportunities for Los Angeles-based small businesses to connect with people with disabilities. The Consortium is comprised of: L.A. Metro HCC, Integrated Recovery Network, Homeboy Industries, logo ADD US INSouth Bay Workforce Investment Board, Partnering with L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center and The Measurement Group. We are part of a nation-wide effort called Add Us In, initiated by Assistant Secretary of Labor Kathleen Martinez.




for more information Contact
Bill Vela at


He is the Senior Financial partner in The Meridian Group LLC, an accounting and Firm company; President for the America Latino Assistance Foundation; Chairman of The Board for The Los Angeles Metropolitan Hispanic Chambers of Commerce; and Executive Director for the Guatemala Commerce Center; President of La Coalicion de Organizaciones Guatemaltecas ( CONGUATE) in United States; Elected director for the Neighborhood Council of Mid Wilshire Koreatown in Los Angeles ; Political Advisor for a Political Party in Peru. In addition, he is serving as consultant and Advisor in the following position: • Latin America Director for the International Development Partnership Alliance. • Director for the Guatemala Trade and Information Office • Advisor for La Coordinadora de Organizaciones Guatemaltecas en Los Angeles

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