Strategy for Economic Development of Marginalized and Extreme Poverty Areas in Latin America

he Los Angeles Metropolitan Hispanic Chambers of Commerce has created community development programs and initiatives to be executed by local Private Voluntary Organization (PVO), Trade and Institutional Organizations in Central and South America, coordinated by a group whereby named Consortium which will interface with the local communities, businesses and governments to help and facilitate said programs through a Process to resolve and alleviate local needs in marginalized areas identified with high levels of poverty, violence and migration.

The Process, through a range of programs is aimed to help marginalized communities, supported and funded by government Agencies, dar logo eng smallfoundations and private groups (The Agencies). The Consortium is to work of ensuring that community and bi-national PVO’s and NGOs are strong, effective, and capable of delivering services that are critical to sustainable development of the regions they are part of.

In partnership with local NGOs in the region of the project, the Consortium stand to be successful in attracting bi-national NGOs in US to participate with the developing of the initiatives in Guatemala that benefit both the marginal and most poverty stricken regions and help to  advance the economic and social discrimination of the Guatemalan communities in US.

The program is a “Reverse Engineering” from the classic grant and funding approach but goes a step further than the World Bank Community-driven development (CDD) Programs implemented in fragile and conflict-affected situations.

For information on this Program, please contact the chamber at


He is the Senior Financial partner in The Meridian Group LLC, an accounting and Firm company; President for the America Latino Assistance Foundation; Chairman of The Board for The Los Angeles Metropolitan Hispanic Chambers of Commerce; and Executive Director for the Guatemala Commerce Center; President of La Coalicion de Organizaciones Guatemaltecas ( CONGUATE) in United States; Elected director for the Neighborhood Council of Mid Wilshire Koreatown in Los Angeles ; Political Advisor for a Political Party in Peru. In addition, he is serving as consultant and Advisor in the following position: • Latin America Director for the International Development Partnership Alliance. • Director for the Guatemala Trade and Information Office • Advisor for La Coordinadora de Organizaciones Guatemaltecas en Los Angeles

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